Blindly overall rating

Every player in PES 2017 are unique, you can’t compare apple to apple between C Ronaldo and Messi in an example, who is the better player. There is distinguished ability between them.

Overall rating(OVR) can’t determinate who better, Messi  OVR is billed at 94-highest in PES 2017, C. Ronaldo just one point below, at 93. But that’s not meant C Ronaldo is inferior to Messi. Why? Every player is unique in PES.

If you choose player just because he OVR are higher than his teammate, you need to broaden up your mind. Since OVR cannot use to determine the best player. OVR built up from a mix of ability player, ability player is consists of an ability of player range from goalie to attacking ability.

There’s a plenty player who often misses ability, and so they choose player only by OVR, it might much practical, but if you using this method you probably miss the potential of the player for each position.

Usually a player with +85 OVR are rare in PES 2017, and that’s mean player with lower OVR are bad and useless in pitch, Nope.

Know your player for better gaming

All round player in many areas are rare and usually, superstar, and not every team has them. Each player has one main area of strength. 

With the better understanding of player ability stat technically we can utilize any player in PES. Since you know what he can do best and best role he can do with ability player he has.

In this guide, I try to explain every ability stats,  which is useful to gain advantage for every player you have in the squad.

Please note: This guide are intended to PES 2017 rating system, may you can use this guide for older PES but might there’s a difference ability rating system.

To help you understand better, we separate ability stat by three main categorize

  1. Technique Ability, It consists:
  • Attacking Prowess
  • Ball Control
  • Dribbling
  • Low Pass
  • Lofted Pass
  • Finishing
  • Place Kicking
  • Swerve
  • Header
  • Defensive Prowess
  • Ball Winning
  • Weak Foot Use
  • Weak Foot Accuracy
  1. Physical Ability, it consists:
  • Kicking Power
  • Speed
  • Explosive Power
  • Body Control
  • Physical Contact
  • Jump
  • Stamina
  • Form
  • Injury Resistance
  1. Goalkeeper Ability.
  • Goalkeeping
  • Catching
  • Clearing
  • Reflexes
  • Coverage

Let’s start

  1. Technique Ability

Attacking Prowess

Suitability for player to get involved when team in attack. Especially in goal scoring chances, player with more attacking prowess has better movement and reaction to anticipating passing and ball from attacking scheme or set piece condition.

This stats are usually considered as the most abstract stat on game. Cause player can feel the difference in the game.

Since attacking prowess is logic for the player when he is not on the ball.

You can utilize this stat not only for CF or SS, AMF or WMF are needed for this stat. Best example is Muller, he coined as “Raumdeuteur”, or space seeker. Muller usually looking for hole space behind the enemy defender and exploit them.


From this gif we can see how Neymar move into blank space in right side of the opponent defense, and exploit its. Neymar moves are controlled by CPU, not user. It’s show Attacking prowess in pitch.

Implication:  He will get into good attacking position.

Best: C. Ronaldo, Suarez, Muller (95). You can see the difference when you using three of them, they usually can find hole space in final attacking third.


Ball Control

Player ability to trap when receiving the ball and do the feint. The player with low ball control usually loses the ball when he gets wild ball movement and fails to do tricks with the ball. Ball control is an ability to trapping the ball, first touch to the ball. Not when he is dribbling.

Ball control is needed when your playing style is passing from feet to feet. Since your player will lose the ball if didn’t have good ball control.

Ball control not only ability when you trap the ball with them feet, this ability included how better player when trap ball with another part of the body like chest and head (don’t confuse with header ability).


An example of player with low ball control (below 70), he can’t control incoming ball perfectly.

Implication:  He will have a good first touch.

Best: Messi, Iniesta (96) Neymar (95). Barcelona tiki-taka at finest. This trio Barca are rewarded with good ball control. You can see how they cycle the ball when receiving the ball, both using feet and body. With good ball control, they could receive the wild ball with little acrobatic.


The probability of success when dribbling. The player with good dribbling has more chances when in 1 on 1 situational to past defender. Ball retention is higher when he got good dribbling, ensure player could dribble the ball from end to end pitch with secure.

A player with high dribble ability can turn explosively with the ball without losing the ball. You can combine this ability with jinking ball technique, more secure when you dribbling.


Thiago has 92 dribble stat and 90 ball control stat, he can react well even in high-speed dribbling.

Higher dribble ability, ball more stick to player feet when he is on the ball.

Implication: Opponents find it hard to take ball off him

Best: Neymar (97), Neymar breakthrough the fame from youtube videos, many videos show how Neymar skill when dribbling in Santos era.

Neymar is one of Brazilian player inherited Joga bonito and samba style in this era. Steal ball from Neymar in PES 2017 is one most frustrating things to do. Dribble stat in PES 2017 frame it with 97 points in dribbling area. Sweets.

Low Pass

Accuracy and power to do low pass. Passing is one of the key stats in PES. Passing needed to build an attack. Higher passing attribute ensures your player to do higher completion passing rate.

Low pass is specifically for a lower pass and through pass, a low pass can be long pass too, not only short pass. It does not depend how far it goes, if ball stays on the ground it called low pass.

Higher and crossing are not determined by low pass attribute.

Low pass stats in PES 2017 determines both accuracy, technique, and speed of pass. Technique mean player still can pass with accuracy even he when pressured by the opponent.

Implication: His short passes will reach the intended target.

Best: Iniesta (96), Ozil (95). Iniesta when in best form are best passer along Xavi to do tiki-taka. Ozil is considered as the best assister in world by the pundit. Both of them are the best example to see how to pass in midfield to boss the pitch.

Lofted Pass

Accuracy and pass completion rate for long passes. Essential for players who have a high pass completion rate for passes over a long distance, or who often provide decisive final balls and assists, and players who are able to distribute the ball accurately from the back of defense or midfield.

Lofted pass ability are both for long passing and crossing ability. Speed and accuracy of long passing determined by lofted pass stats.

Side back with good lofted pass is gem, you can utilize them for sending the ball to an attacker and break up the defense with early cross ball. Suitable when your team is inferior to opponents.

Implication – His long passes will reach the intended target.

Best: Rakitic (92), G. Xhaka (91). More, Barcelona player is getting top of the list. Xhaka is surprised, recognize by KONAMI with high lofted ability. By the way, lofted passing are one of rare ability in PES 2017. Hard to find a player with more than 85 stats in lofted pass.


Ability to scoring goal, determined how good player kicking ball to score when one on one condition, technique of kicking ball, and rate to shots on target. Finishing is most complete set for attacking player.

Scoring a goal for any angle is possible when player has more than 88 finishing. Higher finishing stats mean more tricky shot to beat keeper he has.

A player with good finishing stats can be poacher in front of goal, and you can depend on a score to him.

Implication- His shots will go in the intended direction, making it possible to aim for the corners of the net.

Best: Suarez (95), Messi (94), Higuain (93). Subjectively, Barcelona player is way too good in many areas. Since they are exclusively partner might be. I know both Suarez and Messi are a cynical finisher, but outside them, there are many names like Aguero, Lewandowski, and Ronaldo. All of them are billed at 92. 3 gap points are quite high.

Place Kicking

The ability for success rate in direct free kicks and penalties. This stats not only for goal scoring but also to deliver good ball from free kicks and corner. Player with good place kicking brings ball easier to teammates to find the ball.

PES 2017 free kick system still using trajectory as a guide, higher stats mean ball are moving exactly like trajectory intended.

Implication- He can direct a deadball to any target he wants.

Best: Payet, Pjanic (92). We live in era which there’s no free kicks god-like Beckham, Juninho Pernambucano, or MIhajlovic. So a few player with extremely good stats in place kicking. Payet and Pjanic are player with the best place kicking in PES 2017, little far if we compare with those legend players who has 98 or 97 rated in place kicking.


Bend it like Beckham. Swerve is ability of player to bending or giving a curl to the ball. Swerve is related with place-kicking ability, good at both of them definitely make him free kick master.

The curling ball can make goalkeeper and defender fail to react movement of the ball. Because curling ball more random movement and bounce.

Swerve ability doesn’t affect when free kick and corner but it also take advantage to crossing or early cross ball. More swerve, more deadly high ball can deliver.

Implication – He can curl the ball to confuse defenders and the goal keeper.

Best: Reus, Messi (89), Robben (88). Few player in PES 2017 mastery in swerve, there’s no one who has swerve rate above 90. Except for legend player. Reus and Messi are the most player with swerve who can bend ball more than any other player.


Header ability not only determined heading accuracy, but also determine rate of winning the ball in the air. This ability includes not only scoring for header, headed for clearances are too.

Header ability is related to Physical Contact and Jump ability.

If the player only has good header ability but low in jump and physical contact he might point ball accurate with header but less in successful rate to winning ball in the air.

Implication – Headed balls will go in the intended directions.

Best: Aduriz, Godin (94). Header is useful stats for defensive and attacking purposes. Best header player in PES says it. Aduriz is CF, Godin is CB. CF use header stat for deadly ball for scoring, known as targetman roles. Other hands, CB need header stat to good clearances from high ball or crossing.

Defensive Prowess

Inverted from Attacking Prowess, Defensive prowess is ability to player how well he reacts and moves when in defensive condition. Defensive logical are determined by this stat, higher stat mean player can predicting the pattern of play.

Intelligent reading game, rather than physical reacts to the ball.

This ability includes defensive movement, passing intercept, create an offside trap, and coordinate another defender.

Player with low defensive prowess often makes defensive error and prone.

Implication – He will get into good defending positions.

Best: T. Silva (97), Godin (94). Silva considered as best defender player in PES 2017, real life stats are debatable. But in PES 2017 we found Silva are the best defender with complete defense stats role. Godin rated 3 points behind him, big gap.

Ball Winning

Win the ball for gain possession to launch attack. Ball winning is how likely the player is to win the ball in tackles, both standing tackle and sliding tackle.

Player with good ball winning stat, usually can steal the ball effectively when in one on one condition.

Ball winning not only useful for player with defensive role, attacking player with good ball winning can deploy with higher pressure tactics.


Mascherano steal the ball cleanly

Implication-He will do clean tackle to take ball from the opponents.

Best: Mascherano(96), J.Boateng(95). Another Barcelona player in the top list. Mascherano and Boateng both are mastery to tackle in PES 2017, they can do many tackling animations. More option to take ball from the opponent.

Weak Foot Use:

The frequency that a player uses his weaker foot. The highest value is for players who use both feet with the same frequency, and the lowest value for players who only use their stronger foot.

4: Stronger and weaker feet used equally

3: Stronger foot used slightly more often

2: Mostly uses stronger foot

1: Never uses weaker foot

Weak Foot Accuracy:

High for players who can use both feet equally well.

4: Same accuracy for both feet

3: Accuracy with weaker foot slightly weaker than stronger foot

2: Weaker foot accuracy at lowest level

1: Can’t use weaker foot


  1. Physical Ability

Kicking Power

Shot power of the player.  A Higher value for players who score goals through powerful long range free kicks or shots; judge based on the distance the ball is kicked and the initial ball speed.

Player with low kicking shot needs more step to take powerful shot to cope it, when player with high kicking power only one or two step to take powerful shot.

Powerful shot makes goalkeeper and defender will find it hard to clean save, it can create chances to another player take ball rebound.

Implication – The goal keeper will find it hard to make a clean save from his shots.

Best: C.Ronaldo (97) Ronaldo powerful shot, known as knuckleball. Knuckleball are deadly for goalkeeper, since its fast, powerful and unpredictable. Talk about kicking power, many PES player mesmerizes God level power kicking ability from Adriano, 99 in power shot.


One of most favorite stat by PES player, since you can feel the difference between pacey player with slow player. Top speed player can reach when running. Speed stats are normally affect when player run without the ball, when he running with the ball, ball control, and dribble stat also affected. If player has low dribble and ball control stat, he cannot reach top speed, even he has good speed stats.

Top speed peaked when player running for some distance. High speed doesn’t mean he can burst running too, burst running affect by explosive power stats.

In PES 2017 player with slow pace doesn’t inferior much if compared with good pace player. Since ball control and dribble, stat affected.

Implication – He can reach top speed quickly, leaving opponents behind.

Best: Aubameyang(97) Gervinho, Walcott(96). Aubameyang is speed demon both in game or in real life. We can utilize his speed to exploit hole behind defending areas and drift them to side opponent goal.

Explosive Power

This stat shows how agile the player is. Body moves are determined by this stats, more agile player could react faster when turn or do surprised movement.

Higher for agile players also can accelerate to top speed over a short distance.


An example of good agility & dribble stat

The player with high explosive power could exploit little space to move and elusive opponent.

Implication – He moves and accelerate quickly in short space

Best: Gervinho, Bellerin (97). Good pace comes with good explosive power, usually pace player comes up with good stats in both explosive and speed stats. The player with good pace often used as dynamite to surprised opponent defender.

Body Control

Body control is not body balance stats in older PES. This stat determines how good he stays on his feet when competing with opposition players.  Player unlikely to fail or imbalance when jostle or pushed by opponent player.

More he has body control stat, more balance he is.

Body control works with dribble and explosive power, This combination creates agile dribbler. Balance player can cope standing tackle more than unbalance player.

Acrobatic moves tend to pull by player with good body control.

Implication-He agiler and balance when dribbling in the crowd.

Best: Messi(96), Modric(94). Messi body control known as its finest, The flea nickname are named by his agile and balance movement when he dribbles. Modric is too, his balance makes he can still pass the ball even when he on pressure by opponent.

Physical Contact

In old PES, physical contact is known as body balance stat. It determines player strength when competing with opposition players. High value is essential for players who can keep the ball without falling over.

Higher for strong players who can often win physical duels.  In example, physical contact useful for player with low dribble stats, he can use his body to shield and protect the balls.

Since physical contact is ability to deal with physical battles. Goalkeeper needs this attribute to win physical battles when aerial duel caused by freekick or corner.

Attacking player also can gain advantage with high physical contact stat, he easily to bully weaker opponent defender.

Implication – He can physically bully opponents with his strength.

Best: Neuer, A.N’Diaye, Nadal (96). A player with best physical stats are varied, from goalie to outfield player. Since football is physical game, which is needed good physic and athlete body.


The player with higher jump stats will reach higher when he jump. Jump stats also determine maximum height a player can reach when jumping.

Jump stats not only determine for header situational only, but also determine how far goalkeeper can jump.

Player with low height really helped by this stat when doing aerial duel. It makes tallest player doesn’t mean he will always win aerial duel.

Implication – He will soar into the sky to win a header.

Best: C.Ronaldo(97). Ronaldo is known for his incredibly high jump, many defenders has been victim of this. It easy to find Ronaldo’s goals video when he score by high jump header on youtube


Player’s stamina. Use this for players who cover large average distances during the course of a match or who are able to continue sprinting repeatedly even in the latter stages of games.

If you always press sprinting button when play, you might start to consider to press R1 button when its needed. Since stamina take effect on player condition.

Implication – He can run all day and never gets tired.

Best: Mascherano, Le Moigne(96). Another Barcelona players on the best list. Le Moigne is Ajaccio player (only player from lower division in best list). You might don’t know him, it’s okay, me too. KONAMI might be drunk when creating his stats.


Ability to keep the same form during the matches of a season. High for players who play well to the same standard in every game and low for players whose form changes significantly game by game.

Injury Resistance:

How difficult it is for the player to get injured.

3: Player who never misses a match during a season

2: Normal Fitness

1: Player who misses games due to 3 or more injuries in a season, or player who is absent for 3 weeks or more

  1. Goalkeeping Ability


Ability of making saves. How good the player’s shot reactions are, as well as their ability to judge the best option to do in 1 on 1 situations.

Implication-He will not concede easily.

Best: Buffon (97). Gigi Buffon still gets top on the list. His experiences make him harder to beat than any goalkeeper. He knows how to read the ball flight and save it. Wall.


How good is a goalkeeper to do not make errors when catching the ball.

Implication-He will catch the ball rather than tip the ball.

Best: Neuer(97). Neuer is third times on goalkeeper best stats, no further explanation needed.


Goalkeeper clearance ability. How good is a GK at clearing the ball to areas where there are no opposition players.

Implication-He will tip the ball to safer areas.

Best: Neuer(96). Neuer is third times on goalkeeper best stats, no further explanation needed.


How good is a keeper to react to a shot with his own body and legs.

Implication-He will react faster when try to save the ball

Best: De Gea, Neuer(98). Neuer is third times on goalkeeper best stats, no further explanation needed. De Gea reflexes are the reason Man United still competed in EPL, De Gea saves often saving his team for shameful lose.


Diving ability for a goalkeeper.

Implication- He can reach further to tip the ball

Best: Buffon, De Gea (97). Buffon earns nickname Superman, due to his long ranging jump and reach when saving the ball. Like Superman flight.


That’s our full ability guide, wish you like it.

Lets comment so we can discuss player stats ability in PES 2017.



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