What is ModEvo patch

ModEvo patch is an unofficial patch for Pro Evolution Soccer(PES) game, both in console or windows platform.

We offering a complete feature to complete your PES game that we know, lack licensed. PES are considered as one of the best football game and loved by million fans around the globe. Despite on the fact, PES has one biggest minor. PES lack of real life likenesses attributes such as a club name, player name, kit and crest.

ModEvo engineered to complete that “hole” and ensure you, our Brothers, playing PES for maximum fun, #PlayBetter.

ModEvo patcher team are a bunch of people who have passion in patching. We love to create beautiful, detailed, and realistic work to applied in PES. We started to do PES patching back in PES 2008, since then we had patched PES through years. Our step could be trace from 2010 back then. Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, since then we tend to added local football to our content such as Indonesia National Team or Club.

Our manifesto, bring a complete feature PES patch within a simple installation. To ensure your play PES better and feel different. 

See ya on your PES, along with ModEvo patch indeed. Cheers.
ModEvo #PlayBetter

ModEvo team:

ModEvo patcher team are bunch of people who have passion in patching. 
  • nang182
  • ardhychild
  • esadh17
  • Moozyedogawa
  • heru87
  • ME98
  • Onny
  • adoen
  • Shofi
  • Xfuadi
  • Adhy15
  • Kuntara Ajie
  • ms305

Special thanks and credit to:

  • Hawke
  • K0H
  • WENS
  • misteribukanfacemaker
  • zikint
  • abtodac/me
  • Mo Ha

Program tool patcher:

Jenkey1002, Juce, w!ld@, obocaman, barcafan, razib46.

Credit to Patcher:

Jenkey,Pat, Simcut, Stavrello, kiko, briguel, HenriqueTW, HLSilva, mario88, Tottimas, TheSpecialOne, Steven, Sad.Kulnie, kuch jc, alexnguyen, theblues911, 1002MB, Cronos, Majuh, Tsax, Cheiron, Hawke, Congdiengi, Reza Tri, qinchao, rafaelmoreira, fruits, nilton1248, paul181118, saks07, alkmndza, ron69, fcb1719, javipxx29, dkhernandez, gcerq, tattoray, kevin_cd, michael117widzew, vogin, metay, ayiep, porskyvic, onetkun, azzuryo, porskyvic, feirha, leces, Wens, Karkz, EstarlenSilva, and many more patcher around the world. really appreciate your work and knowledge shares. 
pesstatsdatabase, pesmaster, wikipedia, whoscored, Opta, goal.com, tranfermarkt, soccer, and football render thanks for information and database.